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[Week 7 - 2020] Trades Recap and Trade Setups

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Good weekend TTs,

US will enjoy a longer weekend due to Presidential days and it was just revealed that US is imposing a tariff on European Aircraft (which explains the EUR weakness from insider trading!)

Price is now flirting with the key support turned resistance area and it seems likely for further decline as price get rejected by the 50EMA and resistance area.

Now let us head to our recap for the week

Trade Recap


We have long Soybean way before and had a long and terrorising 10 days consolidation range before it broke out (and entered more position)


Last week we talked about waiting to short when price corrects to the resistance. However price continued downwards and reached out support line before going to our predicted resistance level.

We have longed when price broke out of the trend line just before the NZD news release (gaining a huge profit) and shorted when the price broke the neckline (gaing x2 huge profit!)

Trade Setups


We will be looking to go long when price has a bullish candle stick reversal from the 50EMA which is right about now. Will observe the price when CBOT market reopens.


Broke inverse head and shoulders neckline (reversal) Broke consolidation range 50 EMA @ 30mins / 1 hour rejection



Broke trendline and got retested

Break above neckline (waiting for confirmation in red)

Break and stay above 50EMA (waiting for confirmation in red)

Happy trading!


Net profit for Premium signal group (February): +6.52%

Running trades: 9 trades (currently +2%)

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