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What is Technical Analysis (TA)?

Technical Analysis or commonly referred to as Price Action Strategy is the study of historical and current price which assist in our trading and/or investment decisions.

The analysis of prices can determine the market psychology, providing traders and investors with key information and trading opportunities such as identifying entry and exit points, value points etc.

About the Program

PDF Document consisting of 58 pages which explains the techniques and strategies in details. Illustrated with relevant real product's price as examples (from TradingView) with 180+ PowerPoint slides to assist with learning.

Strategies are simple yet effective, allowing you to begin trading the professional way to minimize your risk, while maximizing profit!


Program is suitable for individuals who are keen in trading & investing, novice traders and struggling traders who are trying to profit.

Program content:

1. Introduction to Technical Analysis

2. Trend analysis & requirements to enter trade

3. Reversal analysis & requirements to enter trade

4. Trade Optimization (Setting stop-loss, Take profit levels, Risk Management)

5. Trading Psychology


Future updates:

Video Learning 
Course content on website
Multiple languages

(Past learners are entitled to future updates)


get an edge

or many!


Strategies are simple and effective.
Curated by our experienced trader
Just stick to the winning plan



Whether you are new or experienced, 
you would be able to analyse market
through the same eyes as our trader


Avoid the same costly mistakes that
we have seen beginners make.


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Date: 22 May 2021

Time: 1pm to 6pm (approx.)

Date: 17 July 2021

Time: 1pm to 6pm (approx.)