[Week 3 - 2020] Trades Recap and Trade Setups

Updated: Sep 20

Good day TT,

Last week overall market shift is sentiment: to more risk assets

Here is some of the trades that I did


Last week I have reviewed that I will go short when the support is broken. However price has rejected the resistance level and I had just short when the market opened during the night session


Reason: Resistance in a consolidation pattern and price got rejected


On Week One, I have also identified to go short when the support is broken and last week price when passed the support line and is looking bearish!

Reason: Shift in price trend – to bullish to bearish Broke neckline support Volume divergence


Just go long! Price seems to be peaking BUT I will only wait for confirmation to short! If not just stay LONG by following trend following identification!


Power of 1 / 2 Very bullish market

Trade set up


I will be looking to go long in GOLD if the price break pass this resistance line. As I have discussed last week, weekly candle didn’t close in red and that is not a good sign to short!

Happy and safe trading!

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