[Week 31 - 2021] Trades Recap and Trade Setups

Updated: Sep 20

Hey Traders,

Stock struggles to keep momentum going as Amazon earnings release fails to meet expectation, dragging indices down and closing the week in the red. Next week will be a busy week as economic news are packed with high impact releases.

Upcoming Economic Release:

(Credit: Time: +8GMT)

Dollar Index (DXY)

The dollar fell back to key support report at 92.0 after failing to continue to push higher. A breakout confirmation of the support could signal further weakening of the dollar.

Spot Gold (XAU/USD)

Earlier the week, Gold managed to trade towards the recent high at 1830 region but failed to hold as price dipped forming a double top. Price could potentially fall back to the 1795 range, and back to the consolidation range.

Trade Recap

GBP/JPY (Exclusive Trade)

Recap (Week 29 - 2 Weeks Ago) Take Profit - 2

Recap (Week 30 - Last Week) Take Profit - 4

Long position reached Take Profit - 4 level where we announced to close / partial.

NZD/CAD (Analysis 30-2)

Recap (Week 30 - Last Week) Take Profit - 2

Short position reached Take Profit - 2 level where we announced to close / partial.

Trade Analysis / Setups

USD/CAD (Analysis 31-1)

Long opportunity: Break out confirmation at 1.2480 region towards 1.25385.

Short opportunity: Break and retest confirmation at 1.24425 region towards 1.23635.

EUR/JPY (Analysis 31-2)

Long opportunity: Break and retest confirmation at 130.48 region towards 131.05.

Short opportunity: Break and retest confirmation at 129.655 region towards 128.90.

AUD/JPY (Analysis 31-3)

Short opportunity: Retest confirmation at 80.695 region towards 80.13.


Cheers to all our member who managed to pack some profits this trading week.

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Stay safe out there and safe trading!

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