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[Week 35 - 2020] Trades Recap and Trade Setups

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Hey Traders,

Nothing much on the market last week. Just all time high being reached almost every day. US Tech stocks are unstoppable right now while the Yen has big spike due to Abe announced him stepping down as PM. Oil and gold continues to struggle while oil struggles to push higher while gold struggles to give us a clear direction on where it is heading.

Dollar Index

Last week, we got stopped out by the long trade within the range. This is why trading within the range is considered high risk.

Our short trade is triggered as we could potentially see more weakening of the dollars. (which could also push stocks prices even higher!)

XAU/USD (spot gold)

Gold being boring. However, do watch out for the break out. Long potential when price reaches 1980 area. Will steer clear of short for now.

Trade Recap

CAD/JPY (given 2 weeks ago)

Trade closed


Trade closed

NZD/CAD (exclusive trade)

Trade closed

EUR/JPY (exclusive trade)

Trade closed

Trade Analysis


Price has broke out of the channel. Potential long potential when price falls back towards the upper trend line / support and await for reversal confirmation to go long. For short, await for breakout and retest confirmation at support area, towards the lower trend line.


Await for breakout and retest confirmation.

Copper Futures

Price is strongly bullish. Await for breakout and retest confirmation being going long.

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Trade safe and stay safe traders!

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