[Week 51 - 2019] Trades Recap and Trade Setups

Updated: Sep 20

Hey TTs,

This week was a relatively quiet week. Now let me share some of the trades that was performed.

Soybean was a good trade. Closed it when the red bar close more than 50% of the previous close. Will look for weakness to go short or maybe will rebuy at retracement level.

Entered more long position with the S&P hitting the 50EMA @ 1hr [power of 1] Things are looking overbought. Will look for weakness to go short and cover some positions

The AUDUSD reversed from one of the important level – weekly trendline and 200SMA (daily). I entered short position but was stopped out as price reversed from the 1hr @ EMA. Perhaps it is time for AUDUSD to reversed to the bullish side???? Will wait for more confirmation.

Trade Ideas:

As we hit towards the end of the year of 2019. I would like to share with you guys about GOLD. Gold has been consolidating for a few months now and I would like to point out to you guys that usually during this period of the year. Gold tend to increase in price!

(Source: Bloomberg)

And as I am updating today’s blog, price and broker out of the trendline range. This is a medium term trade [more than a few month], will look for long opportunities and stop at the recent swing low

Happy and safe trading!

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